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I'm a bit sick of the "move" mentality, this is my home, I was born and raised in NY and it's my duty to try and get this law repealed if possible. My father would roll over in his urn if I turned tail and ran at the first sign of a fight, I was raised better than that. If we lose the battle then I will consider moving to a free state but for now I'd rather try to fix what's broken, that may very well turn out to be impossible and I realize that.

As for the State Police, the new law is 40 pages long and is comprised of amendments to the penal code, mental hygiene law, family court law, etc. so it's no surprise that the Trooper on the phone didn't know. As to who he may have asked for the answer, I'd have to guess it was probably his immediate supervisor and probably doesn't really have any idea whether it'd be legal to load 8 rounds in a revolver or not. A lawyer would be the one to ask or maybe a judge if you have access to one you could ask.

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