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I want more, more accuracy, more reliability, more years for this gun.
First time out shooting, and put up a beautiful 3" group from 20 yards.
Is the gun currently inaccurate and unreliable? It sounds pretty accurate from your description. The P345 isn't designed to be a target gun, it's a defensive carry piece. Still, the group you put up sounds excellent.

I have no idea what i'm looking for in trigger pull, recoil.
Then neither do we. You said the gun was new. Is the trigger currently gritty? If so, it will likely smooth out and lighten up slightly as the gun breaks in. I wouldn't consider any trigger work until you have at least 1000+ rounds through the gun. In terms of recoil, it's a .45 ACP cartridge coming out of a polymer-framed pistol with a relatively thin grip. So yeah - you are going to feel some recoil. Perhaps something like a Hogue slip-on grip might reduce felt recoil a little bit.

I don't think the feed ramp needs polishing, maybe a little.
If the gun is functioning reliably (assuming it has been properly cleaned and lubricated), then the feed ramp does not need polishing. If it isn't functioning properly, call Ruger. They have some of the best customer service in the business, and they will make it right for you.

I want to see some custom work.
The P345 isn't a gun I've seen used as a base for much custom work. Hopefully some folks here will have some photos to share with you.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm busting your balls, but some of the things you are saying don't add up. A little more info will allow us to help you out better.
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