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As long as you are doing it within the boundaries of the law where you hunt, let your conscience be your guide.
This. While ethics can and do vary greatly between individuals, the laws in your state apply to everyone the same. One cannot be prosecuted for their ethics as long as they are legal. Seasons, bag limits, hunting hours and legal means are not ethics and are not arbitrary. Don't matter if it's for fun, sport, or the meat. Very few folks in the lower 48 will starve to death if they don't poach. Around here the fine is $1800 for shooting a illegal deer, plus the loss of your firearm and if the animal was placed in your vehicle, you'll probably lose that too. Free venison is donated by sportsmen, can be obtained from game wardens when illegal deer are confiscated and deer hit by motor vehicles are free for the asking. Yet folks still insist that buck in the back of their new F250 that they shot outta season was to feed their family.........
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