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Originally Posted by thercman
Taurus Tracker, muzzle flash issues?
Hey everyone!

I am considering a Taurus Tracker in .357 with a 4" barrel for my wife. However I am concerned with potential muzzle flash issues at night. (think home invasion etc) Has anyone fired one at night? Do ports create more of an issue vs a non ported revolver? I know they produce a lot of flash anyway. Someone at the gun shop mentioned it so I thought I would ask around. With that said I am also looking at the Taurus model 617, .357 with a 2" barrel... If you have one or used either what are your thoughts?
You are going to get a hell of a lot of muzzle flash with any 357 Magnum ammunition in a ported revolver. If the gun is to be used for home defense & range only; get a Taurus Mdl 66 4" or 6" unported 357 Magnum. For both home defense and concealed carry; the 2ΒΌ" barrel 617 would be the more appropriate choice IMHO. Regardless of which gun you get, load it with 38 special ammunition if for home defense; lower recoil and far, far, far, less noise than ANY 357 Magnum ammunition.
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