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Gee Boys: I think I hit a nerve, I bought my 1903 in 1970 in Hawaii, Payed 30 bucks I think, It was a long time ago, and I have shot it just about every year. USMC I've changed the stock and replaced the Bolt. I fired 140 Grain 30/06 and now I fire 150 grain. Haggerity has a 140 grain, but the cost is to high for me.( Got that 001.) I really wish you would read what I wrote and not do that line thing that so many boys and girls do. Not all Drills are Crome accented. Trust me I have been there. and maybe I do take a chance in shooting my 1903 SPRINGFIELD. And as far as that goes, Go into any Gun shop, and IF THEY HAVE A 1903 SPRINGFIELD, and that is a BIG IF. See what they want for it.If your selling your 1903 see what they will give you. It's a big difference. The man has a nice piece that is all I was saying, so KMA boys KMA Shoot safe and shoot clean Sunny
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