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My Ruger KP345

I grew up in a gunless home, besides the odd red rider bb gun. As i got older, i shot .22lr in turkey shoots, and was deadly accurate with iron sights or no sights by 15/16. The first handgun i shot was a buddies Colt 1911, and then his sig 9mm. Both times were just kind of playing in my back yard, not paying attention to how they felt or really shot. Since then i've shot a lot of other peoples guns, and been to the range to try out a Glock and hated it. I just purchased myself and my girlfriend handguns. I got a Ruger KP345, used. I took it home for around $400 with the factory goodies, and a holster, even after reading the gripes about it, i figured, hell my 10/22 hasn't failed and i put a whooping on it as far as the ammo i shoot in it. Field stripped, cleaner er up, and put a healthy dose of lube in the moving parts. First time out shooting, and put up a beautiful 3" group from 20 yards. I carry it everywhere, and shoot the living crap out of it when i get a chance. It sits on the nightstand at night. I have heard the horror stories of dry firing without a mag, yet its been done twice, once on purpose, the second time my buddy was being a douche and the thing still goes bang. Barely anyone notices i have it, except for that occasional curious 3-4 foot person that is eye level with my waist. Now, if you've read all that, you've got to be intrigued enough to answer my question. I want more, more accuracy, more reliability, more years for this gun. I plan on picking up another gun to back this one up, or to carry on the other hip. But when i do, i want to get the kp345 worked over. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of work to ask for? I don't think the feed ramp needs polishing, maybe a little. I have no idea what i'm looking for in trigger pull, recoil. Has anyone else owned this gun, and took it to the limits of reworking? I want to see some custom work.
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