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Well I don't know much about 22mag revolvers, but I spent a lot of time looking for a decent budget 22lr DA revolver the past few years. I would suggest against getting a Taurus 941. If it's anything like its brother the 94 (same frame, but 22lr) it has the worst DA trigger pull I've ever tried in any revolver period. While still not the best trigger ever, the Charter Pathfinder (which I decided on in the 22lr version and have absolutely no regrets) has a significantly better trigger than the small frame Taurus not to mention great customer service. The Charter would definitely be my recommendation for a new DA 22mag for around $400 or so.

If you're willing to buy used and get a 38 instead of 22mag, the model 10 and 64 previously mentioned are also good if one can be found for the desired price. I don't agree that it'll keep its resale value that much better than a Charter, but rather will sell faster if you decide you don't want to keep it.

You'll just have to choose whether you prefer a better quality gun but in a caliber you don't stock yet and with no warranty (the S&W models 10/64) or a 22mag, being a caliber you already shoot but of lesser quality (although still good IMHO) and that comes with a lifetime warranty that the manufacturer actually takes seriously (the Charter 22mag Pathfinder).
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