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Tommy, I'm right there with Alabama Shooter. I didn't join the military out of some notion that my own desires or "activities" are more important than the future of our nation.

I think your ideas are so different from everything I have learned about the Founders and their intentions for the country they formed that you can't even begin to understand where I am arguing from.

I'm less surprised, however, to see a blanket condemnation of libertarians in your post, so I'll add that I've never considered myself a libertarian, and have a very healthy respect for authority. By no means does that provide any reason why I should also begin to feel that basic human rights are a negotiable topic.

Two departing thoughts for you:
1. Coercing people to do good does not make the end act they will perform good.
2. I, too, took an oath to defend the Constitution, and I take it very seriously.
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