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I can't find any 9mm at a reasonable price to save my life. The place I usually buy it, didn't jack up their prices (manager told me they're not in business to screw their customers) due to the panic, and now they're completely out (and also completely out of .223, and .45, and down to their last 40 boxes of .38, though still plenty of .40). There's a Sportsman's Warehouse that is completely out of any popular caliber (.22LR, .223, 9mm, .38, .357, .40, .45). The only place I've found that has any ammo left at all has jacked prices of all ammo by 50-60% (So, Blazer Brass is around $22 a box, 9mm...usually I can find it for around $14).

I'm just glad I stocked up a couple weeks before the panic. If I ration my ammo, I should have plenty for 5 or 6 months without replenishing. With luck, by then, this stupid panic will be over.
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