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Yep. I would recommend you hold out for a military sensitivity spec primer. The AR type firing pin mechanism is designed to hit these less sensitive military types primers pretty hard, so I wouldn't be surprised to run into potential issues with lighter, softer cups. I know many don't, but not point in tempting fate either for slamfires or for gas cutting of your bolt face.

That new Wolf primer mentioned by 243winxb is apparently the latest contribution to the type. The other three are:

CCI #41
TulAmmo KVB556M
Federal GMM205MAR (don't confuse with GMM205M; the AR suffix is required)

Of those three, the first two are magnum, while the last is not, so you may want to favor the first two for the older spherical powders like H335. For the newer deterrent chemistry in Ramshot powders it is not necessary.
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