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Hmm. First post here so greetings. I can't someone I want but maybe that's by design since I'm the newbie. Have been shooting for most of my life and i'm in my 50's now. I'm a retired 30 plus year LEO. I've seen a few insults towards the profession in general with no reason for it. While I agree with some on here that many officers have little interest in guns or shooting beyond what's required I would put most of them up against many I see at public shooting ranges. Clark Brothers outside of Warrenton, Va is one range that comes to mind. I get scared shooting there with some of the morons there shooting and the lack of real oversight. If some of these stunts were pulled at the range their heads would roll. I could never understand why the poor shooting officers would not work extra to improve their range scores but they could never skimp of safety skills.
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