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No standard answer because the makers don't all use the same profile for the tip and ogive. Hornady has a shorter, more blunt shape than Speer, for example, so a Hornady RNFMJ has a recommended COL of 1.090", while the longer Speer of the same weight has a recommended COL of 1.135". A military version is often seated to 1.165" or so.

With lead its the same thing, with some being short hemispherical nose designs and some having longer elliptical profiles. Call the maker for a recommendation or post a picture and tell us how long it is. If it has a crimp groove, then the COL is determined by that. Also, the bearing surface (the cylindrical portion behind the nose that is full groove diameter) often tells you. The front edge of the bearing surface is usually sticking out about 0.020" beyond the case mouth.
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