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What ate my pig - last night?

So yesterday, just about 10 minutes to 6 pm, a medium sized hog walked into range and I dropped him on the spot. I'll guess he weighed about 100 to 120 pounds. It was time for supper, so I walked on back to the house with plans for the morning to drag the recently deceased to a spot where I'd use him for coyote bait. This morning, the wife dragged me on a shopping trip, so I didn't get around to dealing with the hog till about 2 pm. The hog was gone. Not there. Big pool of blood where he had been and another big bloody spot about 6 feet away. I walked around for a while and I found most of his tail and a few bones (rear leg bones I think). That's all. Completely eaten up. What would you think ate my pig? Coyotes? Other Hogs?

Next one I shoot goes in that same spot and a game camera will be pointed at it.

Sure hope the heck that I don't pass out back there some evening. Geez!
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