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Judging from the photos you have posted elsewhere of your Saiga AK, it appears to have a Warsaw-length fixed stock. The comb of this style stock is at the level to give you a proper cheek weld when looking down the iron sights. I don't think you are going to find many stocks that have a lower comb (though I could be wrong). There are stocks that have higher combs(either fixed or adjustable) to allow a proper cheek weld using a scope, but this sounds like the opposite of what you are looking for.

Many Western shooters (who tend to be taller than your average Russian) feel that the Warsaw-length stock is a little too short in length. Perhaps this is what you are experiencing? For that reason, so-called NATO-length stocks with a longer length of pull exist.

Personally, even though I am 6'-1" with long arms, I find the Warsaw-length stock works just fine. I do have to mount the butt of the stock an inch or so closer to the center of my body, but can still achieve a proper cheek weld with the stock fully seated on my shoulder (i.e. not just the stock bottom corner of the butt on my shoulder).

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