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These rings around the barrel...

...are an unfortunate manifestation of what I consider to be poor finishing.

In the seventies I did nothing but kits and I have seen them with and without the ring.

Recently I encountered a ring in a revolver that I think began life as a kit and it was from ASM. (Brass frame)

I was very disappointed to note that ring because it provides evidense to support the charge of low quality of ASM revolvers which is a reputation which I think is only partially deserved when you compare other pistols from the ASM period.

When you examine this ring closely on a kit which is untouched, you can almost see where the lathe stopped it's advance. Kit builders are well advised to finish the barrel such that the ring disappears. It takes a little time with a flat file on the top and sides and with a half round on the underside just forward of the lug.

Then wrap sandpaper around the file and repeat the process.

Then go to hand sanding.

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