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Everyone, thanks for the help. I just diagnosed the problem. I went back to the range and the vertical stringing became worse and worse. The string had finally opened up to 4 inches at 100. I tore it down and the epoxy used on the "rear pillar" had broken loose. That would not have been a tremendous problem if the wood even remotely fit the action or if the pillar was actually long enough. The reason I put Pillar in quotation marks is because they are so thin they do not meet the requirements of a pillar in my book. In addition to that, the fit of the action to the stock is terrible. There are a couple of pressure points and a lot of area that does not contact. I did the wood work necessary today to glass bed it and as soon as I get a chance to get more bedding compound I will do what Savage should have considered doing if they were going to make a stock as light weight and weak as this design is. Savage is my favorite manufacturer, but this is not what I would expect from them on one of their higher end rifles. I would expect it on what I call their "throw away stock" rifles, but not their top of the line stuff.
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