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Un-Identified Mag

Chris no disrespect but I Live in Montana and even if it was not legal here, which God help us if it wasn't, I would not be getting rid of it. They (who ever that may be) can pry this inert piece of formed steel from my cold dead hand.

There are no markings what so ever on this Mag. I cleaned it out and stacked 12 .40 S&W in but it messes up to follower it seems. The follower tilts to one side when it goes to doubble stack.

I am now leaning toward it possibly being a 45 mag of some type. Any way to tell for sure? The lips are about the same size as my Glock .40 lips and the .40 S&W fit nice in there.

It really, from the pictures on the web, looks like the Promag Sig 229 12 round but the two round dimples make it look like the Promag Sig 229 10 round. Also The Mag release catch cut out is only on one side (the Right side) Not both sides as in there pictures on the web.
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