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Used Remington 1100 Questions.

Hey all,

I'm new to the Shotgun forum here, though I frequent the semi-auto and general handgun forums. Anyway, a neighbor of mine recently passed away and had a pretty awesome gun collection. His widow didn't know what to do with them and none of his kids or grandkids wanted any of them, (sad, I know) so another neighbor told her he'd take care of it and bought the whole collection at a generous price so she didn't have to worry about it. He's now piecing them out to whoever wants them. He has a Rem 1100 (serial #N737401M) that is in great shape, comes with a 24 and a 28 inch barrel, and an aftermarket composite stock, though I definitely prefer the original furniture. I've been trying to do some research on the value and model/year. From what I've been able to find from it looks like it's from 1992, it's the magnum model, and has the scrollwork/checkering pattern like this one

I just want to make sure this all adds up. If anybody has any knowledge on the subject, please let me know if I'm right on the date or not. Also, what's a fair asking price? The gun is in pretty great condition, probably 95% or better. He's a good friend of mine and is asking $350 with both barrels and both stocks. Any insights or opinions would be much appreciated!
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