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The presidents political career is limited to the next 4 years and he's done... Those who support the AWB may want to have longer careers and outside of a couple of insane states going for the AWB may be a career ender.

Certainly there will be a push and there will be a fight and I expect every underhanded. low and vile anti tactic will be used. I also believe that the 2A is not a right or a left issue for most people. Its a either you believe in the 2A or you don't issue. Either your for us or against us kind of thing and very personal. I believe the administration will find that this is one issue that cant be handled like the other agendas they have followed. I think that lesson will be learned at considerable cost and they wont learn it quickly nor easily.. It will be a "The Emperors new clothes" kind of thing.. Make no mistake this is no easy fight for our side but this is different.
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