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I can't help but wonder if the people who go on and on about the "savage recoil" of the 357 in a snubby have actually fired one. My wife shoots one contantly, 125gr bullet at 1300 fps, and I've never heard her whine about the recoil like I see online.
A 158 gr or heavier bullet might not be so easy on the hand.
My S&W Model 37 (the ultra light early model with alloy cylinder) had quite a kick with .38 Special 158 gr semi-wadcutters. That was mainly due to a cutdown slim profile wrap around walnut grip I had installed, the original grips being missing. Firing it was like catching a line drive without a glove.
I've fired .44 Magnum snubnoses, with much heavier frame of course, that kicked less.
A good pair of rubber grips or a grip with better shape than the one I used can make a great deal of difference in felt recoil.
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