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No horror story here and I'm not bashing Ruger. They're a good company and getting even better with the kids in charge now. I just didn't like my 1996 Mini-14 stainless ranch rifle. Being accurate for just your 1st 3 shots is BS. There are accurizing tools out there for them, but when you add them to the price and the cost of quality magazines, you were up around the cost of an AR rifle. What finally did it for me was when I bought a 30 year older Yugo SKS that out-shot the Mini-14 from the 1st round to the last, all day long! There was no comparison, not even considering the SKS only cost $125 then. Nowadays (before Sandy Hook), for what they cost, you can easily get an AR for just a little more, and again, with magazines, the same price. The uber reliability of the Mini isn't so much of a concern with a well made AR. I was a little tempted with the newer Minis, but Saigas and now Veprs are easy to come by and offer the same accuracy with an AK action for less cost and I have my choice of caliber as well.
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