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There are a ton of lights for $50 or under that are very unlikely to fail, and paying more than that doesn't necessarily mean they won't.
I wouldn't worry about failures of any kind for a nightstand light. If you're not going to mount it on a gun (which shakes the crap out of them) or get it wet you've eliminated the 2 primary causes of failures. Try not to throw them down the stairs. Other than that just be sure to watch your batteries.

Fenix makes a good light. 4Seven also makes a good light for not a whole lot of money. Or for a nightstand light a big Maglight 3/4D works pretty well. You did good though.

Streamlight and surefire make good lights as well, but they've both got enough brand recognition to charge a premium for their stamp. Also they have to charge a little more to offset the cost of their advertising.
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