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No, you are wrong. this is not negotiable.

I'll explain why, they are not trying to negotiate a settlement. They are pushing to take another step in taking all the guns except for those they wish to allow to have guns. You need to understand some thing that many people do not know or have given little thought too.

Here is one, the US State Department is for all realistic purposes entirely left wing and liberal minded. Think about what this means. The people who orchestrate our Nation's dealings with all other countries are all "those people".

They see us as uneducated and "backwater" people. They would call us "Crackers" if they allowed name calling. These same people oversee many military dealings with foreign nations as well. They drive out anyone in the State Department that isn't on their "path for a better world".

They are the same kind of people who want to talk about the "white man" took this country from the Indians, (Native Americans). They will load your back with 200 or more years of history told the way they want it told and use it to break you down to make their new world.

The only defense we have is the Constitution. Do not negotiate with it. Do not allow them to make small laws which they will use to bend and weaken it until the Constitution and our Liberties are little more then a decorative cover used to hide the bald fact that we are no longer free men.

We do NOT have to negotiate, they want us to think so, they want us to admit it, believe it, and do it. But their will be no end to the negotiations until "We the People" are just more of those people.
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