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That was probably before I was paying attention. I honestly don't know what ever came of it.
I know we just recently passed a law saying that employers cant ban employees from keeping locked guns in their parked cars (unless you work at a school or a federal building).

But all in all it seems like the state has a few (but growing number) people who are for gun control in general, and a huge number of people who don't care as long as their bolt gun is in the clear. Far too few people are able to see - or care about - the big picture.
Things are pretty good right now, but I just don't think the 2a crowd up here is organized enough - or has enough inroads with the general population - to put up much of a fight if there was ever an organized push to take away what we have. I'm positive there would be a lot of very angry people afterward, but that doesn't always translate into productive political advocacy.
Which, is why I put VT above ME in the long term.
si vis pacem para bellum
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