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Originally Posted by deerslayer303
Looks VERY nice Sharpenit. I plan to refinish the stock on my Type53. Needless to say it has ALOT of "character". I don't know what the wood will look like when I take it down. I have no idea what kind of wood the chinese used on them. But we will find out. Thank you for the writeup! I'll bet that furniture stripper will take the left over cosmoline out of the stock too. If there is one thing I hate, is when I put my rifles up to my shoulder I STILL smell cosmoline. The only one that I don't is the Laminated 91/30 maybe because that one has a finish on it that cosmo can't penetrate. But the other 91/30, the Type 53, and the 91/59 still have cosmo soaked into the stocks. I let them sit in the sun on hot days and it seems it never stops coming out.
Thanks! The photos don't do it justice.

Regarding the wood used on your M53, I got this from a mosin nagant website:

the wood on the Type 53 is quite solid and competent. The Chinese utilized a local wood that is known as CHU-wood. The CHU-wood was put to use as it was quite effective in standing up to so called "Jungle Rot." The wood was quite proficient in resisting moisture, so was a perfect choice for the environment of Asia. The finish of the Chinese stocks are similar to the M44 clones made in Romania and Hungary, which is a heavy varnish or shellac in most cases.
This sounds interesting. Be sure to post photos and a report when you finish the project.
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