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Ruger has some of the best customer support in the industry.
I disagree with this. Ruger stopped supporting the AC556. Not only is it difficult to get parts, because Ruger never makes parts available to the public, no one has a chance to stock up on parts before they decide not to support one of their products. To be fair, I think Ruger will still try to fix a broken AC556 if they have parts. But, the lack of support for AC556's is disappointing.
Not all of us are so lucky to be able to have an AC556. In this day and age it seems that everything is about cost cutting or companies covering themselves. Not sure if the not supporting the AC556 is similar to the 180 series Mini's due to no parts, or that they aren't as popular, or there are not many out there, or some bean counter or lawyer said it wasn't in the company's best interests. I can understand why they may not support the AC556 which is unfortunate.
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