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price and availability of handguns is another matter...or another part of this buying frenzy ....( where a lot of people are buying guns now, that have not owned them before - or speculators are adding guns to their inventory that they think will go up in price, that they can later sell for a profit ...) ...high capacity mags may be in jeopardy so they're flying off the shelves at twice the list price, etc...../ and while I don't like it, I get the rationale there...

but how many rounds of 9mm you can put in a mag....has nothing to do with the cost of 9mm ammo (retail 9mm target ammo - has gone from $ 10 for a box of 50 a month or so ago, to between $ 20 - $ 24 a box yesterday in my area )...that has nothing to do with overhead costs of the mfg's ...that's the wholesalers - and the retailers - gouging the customers ! ( us !! ) ...if we let them ...
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