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You need to shoot some revolvers - to really understand the differences...
S&W will have better fit and finish and way better triggers than most anything made by Ruger, in my opinion...

A .357 mag makes more sense than a .44 mag in terms of ammo expense / and recoil control ( and a .50 makes no sense at all )...but the large frame revolvers from S&W in .357 mag are N frames ( model 27's or 28's ) if you like the older guns - blued or Nickel / 627 if you want the L frame - just a hair smaller - you'll find the 686's that are a good value ...and they're all available commonly in 4", 6" and 8 3/8"...

If I want to carry concealed ...or use it for tactical shooting ...I go with a
4" a "woods gun" I like a 6" a "target gun" I like an 8 3/8" barrel...

Even a 4" K frame S&W ( a little smaller than N or L frames ) - model 19's or 66's are fine in .357 mag....easy guns to shoot...
But you need to shoot some revolvers to find out what you like.
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