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Went to my local Farm & Fleet last night to just work off some of the dinner I had with my gal and we looked in the hunting section. All but 12g and 20g ammo was sold out.

The funny thing was all of the rifle and pistol calibers were on sale during the shelf cleaning frenzy.

There were a few people that walked up to the ammo shelves while I was there and they asked me "What was going on"? I said it was mostly due to panic buying but, seeing how NY and maybe soon to be other States are passing insane gun laws I can see why some are buying up what they can.

Another guy walked up and said "Where are all the guns"? I said I don't recall this store selling guns as long as I have been shopping here (over 10 years) and he says "What? They sell ammo but no guns?" I said yes it is a bit odd to me as well but it is what it is.
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