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Hmmm. That is an odd photo...

1. The revolver has a cap groove and I think that few manufacturers made an 1860 with that feature. The Belgian Centaure comes to mind. Maybe I am wrong. I am not near the house to check mine but I know of no other example, apart from the 1960 NMAs I have seen. It is absent from my ASMs and Piettas. I can not recall but it may be present in ASPs.

2. There is a line between the barrel and the barrel lug. This in my opinion is a lapse in quality control at the factory and the higher the reputation of the manufacturer, the fewer examples you find.

The problem is that the two facts don't match. Cnetaures were made to the highest standards of quality. I think the frame may have come from them. On the other hand, the barrel is not up to their standards. It is possible that the revolver is actually parts from different origins. This would be a possible rationale for removing the serial numbers and proof marks so as to hide a mismatch.

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