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Giving back, something positive.

One of the main reasons I became a Hunter Safety instructor, is to give somethng back to this "way of life" and to help young hunters develope an Ethical Code of Conduct. You see, I started out my early hunting years, making my own rules. I threw in with a bunch of teenage outlaws and eventually we wound up in jail. .....

Quite often when teaching hunting ethics, I mention some of the dirty tricks we use to pull. During these times, I will catch a young student, slowly glancing up at his Father. I smile when the Father doesn't return the glance. ..

I don't know much about hunting, but I just wanted to know. Why is it illegal to spot light a deer?
Then first learn about hunting ethics and fair-chase. ...
In Iowa and for sure, other states, it's illegal to hunt by using a "cast-Light". This would include lazers. I believe coon hunting is exempt.

Be Safe !!!
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