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I use my snap caps primarily as training tools ( clearing malfunctions, etc ) having a buddy blind load a mag...etc...

but my local range, and my shop ...are concrete floors...and the Tiptons, if they hit just right ( shatter like glass ) when they hit concrete.../ where the A-Zoom's hold up a lot better.

I only have one center fire caliber gun, that the mfg says not to dry fire.../ a Freedom Arms single action revolver in .357 mag...but its the combination of their firing pin design, and how hard the hammer strikes the firing pin ..that causes it to bottom out in the frame - breaking the firing pin. They're cheap and easy to change on that revolver....but I use A Zoom's in it instead..

I don't remember who makes them - but the soft plastic orange ones....( are junk ) in my opinon...
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