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Potential Assault weapons ban ....has nothing to do with handgun ammo ( especially in calibers like 9mm, .22 lr, .357 mag ) ....

Wholesalers and Retailers....are just taking profit ...and if we participate in the buying frenzy it'll get worse before it gets better / and we become part of the problem !

Having a reasonable supply of handgun ammo - for recreational shooting or always smart - especially if you expect the price to go up...but none of this panic buying makes any sense to me.
I reload....but I'm refusing to pay inflated prices on primers as an example, at my local gunshow last weekend they were $ 70/1,000 up from the previous month's prices of around $ 35/1,000 which I thought was high as well.

The mfg's will catch up on inventory - and I think prices will come down, if we can all just keep our heads thru this artificial shortage on handgun ammo like 9mm, .22 lr and .257 mag.....
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