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The value of a sks is going to be a big question mark. They are going up in price because for one important reason you can easily and quickly load 10rd stripper clips faster than you can swap out a 10rd mag(if a 10rd mag cap becomes law) stripper clips are not a automated feeding device and hence the sks might be very ban friendly. Just take at look at the price of sks stripper clip they are going up up and up everyday. I bought a 1000 clips for pennies each now they are hitting $1 a clip. When i go to the range i can carry alot of ammo on clips and they take up no room at all in my range bag. If you have a sks buy stripper clips they are going to be $$$$ if you wait. 25cents to $1 a stripper clip $20-$30 for a 10rd mag a no brainer. The guys buying sks for $800 most likely live in a state that is under the threat of a high cap mag ban. The sks is gold to them they are driving up the prices.
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