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the 30 carbine, probably most closely equals a 357 magnum ( to put it into perspective ) however the rifling twist rate, & the rifles designed pressure limits, keep it from being loaded with heavier bullets that are typically found in other 30 caliber rifles ( or 357 magnum for that matter )

the cartridge is in fact so "pistol like" that Ruger makes a single action revolver chambered for "30 Carbine"

I think the design was to actually work similarly to the 1911 45 auto for military use...

... the 30 Carbine has not proven to be a "reliable stopper" for deer size game, ( with the lighter weight bullets, & the FMJ bullet design as is most often found ) even though it is legal to use in many states... the 30 WCF / 30-30 has much more energy, & taken alot of deer over the years... .308 Winchester / 30-06 are similar cartridges, by design, but the .308 is a shorter cartridge, which have found favor in both military & sporting use, over the older & longer 30-06 cartridge...
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