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You raise some valid points, but not all I agree with. No way should outlying "crimes" be more serious than the original crime. Destroying evidence of a misdemeanor more serious than the misdemeanor itself? Really? The other part I have problems with is current legal policy of turning one crime into many crimes by DA's and the courts. They poached plain and simple. All the other stuff is just piling on for no good reason. Of coarse evidence was destroyed and they didn't give a straight story when asked. That's all part of committing the crime in the first place. Just like tossing a gun in a lake after killin someone is part of the murder. What are they suppose to do, make life easy and toss the gun on the detectives desk and say I did it? By not doing that's a crime too? Where does it stop?

Now you bring up the fact that they were public servants and the deterrent value. You may be on to something. But in general go back to my statement about outlying crimes. There's misdemeanors and then there's felonies. Not any part of this is a felony.

As far as the old country goes.......... Don't hold to much credence in that when it comes to right or wrong or what makes sense and what doesn't. That's like saying sleeping around on my wife is OK cause Clinton did it.

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