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IMO, prices that go up have a problem ever coming back down all the way. Doesn't matter if it's gas, guns or other commodities. When SKS's were $100 everybody screamed when they jumped to $200 under Clinton. The scare on em subsided and we saw some price drop but we never saw $100 SKS's again (the odd "deal" not withstanding). Same with AK's, mini's, etc etc. So if you're wanting any gun today you're gonna pay an inflated price but to be realistic the odds of seeing prices drop back down to what they were 6 months ago is slim.

Up 100%, might see it down to only 50% in a few months. Then again, maybe not.

As for the SKS specifically? No way in hell would I spend the money they wanted for em 6 months or a year ago let alone the panic pricing you see on em today.
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