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It's not jumping to a conclusion when a state trooper answers a hotline specifically set up for these questions, looks into it and calls me back with a reply that revolvers must only be loaded with seven rounds after April 15.
That trooper probably "asked someone" who could be anyone from co-worker to jail trustee to receptionist at some legislator's office. THAT person may have easily have jumped to a conclusion, guessed, asked someone else who guessed or jumped etc.

I can pretty much guarantee that hot line trooper's question didn't go to the legislature floor and gotten discussed, argued and clarified by the lawmakers.

I believe we would all do well to remain relaxed, inquisitive and informed from as many sources as possible. Those troopers came to work one day and were told "we're now manning a hot line for the governor's gun control project". They are just as confused about it all as both the pro and anti gun side of the population and government.

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