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how about some of the newer AR cartridges ( not sure how many are on the 223 case head, but 6.8 SPC, 300 Blackout, etc. ) not really an AR guy, but I know a slug of newer cartridge came out in the last couple years...

... but... you know I'm in the same boat, only with a Remington 700 heavy barrel in 223, that I know my FIL put over 2000 round through in one week, in SD P Dogging ... I haven't inspected the barrel yet, but am guessing the throat is likely at least slightly worn... I plan on rebarreling it back in 223 heavy barrel, because it's such an awesome gun as it's chambered...

BTW... he also had a 17 Remington that had 1000's of rounds through it, & had very noticeable throat errosion, that I rebarreled & chambered in 17 Fireball ( IMO, the most well balanced of the 17 centerfires ) ( thich also took a different follower, spring & spacer block for the mag, but the guns is awesome now, looking forward to wringing it out next summer
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