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What is that, exactly, Caj? 3" N?
Yes, that's a 3", 27-2 from IIRC, 1978. I've owned a lot of other ones over the years, including a "pre-27" but this one is the only one I kept when I reduced my inventory.

When even the most "fixer upper" Bangor Punta era S&Ws are coveted over the modern ones, the company has an image problem with its new models.
The biggest reason I don't care for the more modern Smith & Wessons is they're almost all stainless steel. I just don't care for stainless, no matter when it was made. I had both a 21-4, (44 Special) and a 25-14, I think it was in 45 Colt that I liked, but they got purged in the great drawdown. Both were "modern" guns, both had the internal lock and both were as well made as anything else I've ever owned. Shot just as well too. Both were made since 2000 anyway.
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