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Pure melodrama.
To some extent - that's simply, good old-fashioned entertainment. Exagerrated, stereotypical characters, with interpersonal are soap operas, movies, and professional wrestling.

If you examine the scripts of any of the "reality" television shows, they all follow the same formula. A number of characters with on-going story lines - more soap opera than straight melodrama as the pace is glacial at best.

The "drama" is created through cutting between short segments with the participating characters. Setup teasers to keep you through the commercials, and then the payoffs with closing out this week's character stories....

...and then - a teaser for next week's show - "Next week on 'Guns and Chainsaws for the Wicked Moonshine Wrangler'....'Will Tickle's new still keep Edgar from taking over as captain of the crab boat?'"

It's all in fun...if you don't like it - don't watch it, it's not much more difficult than that.
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