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It's funny to me how younger guys will get all excited for some AR15 with a bunch of plastic and aluminum hanging off it. I like rifles and can be impressed by how someone assembled a bunch of prefab plastic parts on an aluminum chassis, but to me, speaking only for myself, only wood stocked rifles generate that sort of admiration the younger guys lavish on poodle shooters.

The warm feel of walnut against my cheek cannot be duplicated by a plastic stock. The intricacies of full grain walnut, hand rubbed and finished, makes my old heart warm and happy. The precision of the machining and the perfect fit of parts on this old rifle made before any sort of CNC processes just screams out quality. The cold hammer forged barrel, the excellent balance, double set triggers, light weight, deep rich bluing. Can't get that in an AR15.

Granted this old bolt actioned rifle probably wouldn't be my first choice were I to be a soldier in Afghanistan, but near as I can tell, neither are those kids soldiers who buy all that "tactical" stuff down at the gun store, other than on their Xbox.
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