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I have 3 Rugar 77 VT rifles and I have put a lot of rounds through them so I speak from experience. My first was in .223 and it took about 10,000 rounds to "shoot out the barrel" and by that I mean groups > 1" @ 100 yds. My second is in .243 and it took 4000+ to do the same. My third is in .25-06 and I have not used this one as much, perhaps 1000+ rounds. The .223 and the .243 were rebarreled at the same time using quality after market barrels and to be perfectly honest the Rugar barrels are of equal quality and less expensive. The point of this is simple, if you want to rebarrel in the same caliber use a Rugar barrel (hammer forged quality is hard to beat) and if you want to change calibers find one that will work with the .223 bolt. If you need to change the bolt the total cost will be close to the cost of a new rifle. Just as a side note, Rugar does castings for receivers and other parts as well as suppling barrels to other gun companies. A new Rugar barrel is as smooth in the bore as a hand lapped $600 barrel from a custom maker.
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