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If you ever need work done on it, and other folks that have old Ithacas, the gentleman that owns/runs this

was the head gunsmith for Ithaca before it was bought out and moved to Ohio.

I just bought a 1949 and a 1952, both 16ga guns

Here are the pics of the 1949 solid rib with extra barrel and the 1952 with Simmons rib that I just got. The extra barrel is a Kings Ferry barrel that was threaded appropriately. Originally it was fitted to another gun. A gunsmith correctly fitted it to this one. I checked the headspace with depth mics. It came with 8 choke tubes. The set of 4 internal and 4 external tubes for steel shot.

As you can see, the 1952 had modifications done to it, and the buttstock cut. Having the Simmons rib installed on it, pulled down the collector value but that was offset a bit by the fact that to have the rib installed carries a price tag of 275.00. I am going to get a reproduction of a period correct recoil pad, the Ithaca sunburst, so that didn't bother me.

The old stocks have a different shape to the pistol grip/grip cap area than more recent guns, even my 1956 has a different shape.

The old guns are classics.


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