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I do agree with all the posts. I LOVE THE GLOCK!!

But I was looking for a "at home/safe/sitting in my drawer type of gun" that I could leave sitting in there for months, or years, and pull it out to use it just in an emergency when needed. I'd practice some with the gun first, but mainly for the Revolver what I had in mind was just to have it as one of those sit in the drawer or sit on top of the fridge guns. Just as a back-up that if someone broke in, i could grab grab it, and not have to worry about leaving it loaded for years (I heard it could be a bad idea to leave a loaded semi auto magazine loaded.) But leaving a Revolver loaded wont harm anything, and if it's just sitting in the drawer, the Revolver couldn't break or go out of timing if it's just sittin there, correct?

I know that if a revolver is carried constantly and used, then yeah I could picture a revolver having a failure. But if it just sitting in the drawer, un-used, how could the revolver break or go out of time??? Maybe it still can, I'm not sure, I just didnt know. If a revolver can still break/go out of time even when just sitting in the drawer, then yeah I see zero advantage to having a revolver vs a Glock.

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