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When I first started shooting my own cast I tried several types of lube. Starting off with a Raging Bull 8.375" barreled 454 Casull is intimidating enough, much less thinking about is this lube going to work or not. I chose the top recommended lubes for one reason, I didn't want to spend a weekend scrubbing out lead.

So far I have almost two years under my belt shooting several different designs in several different handguns. To date the only issue I have had was some slight smearing in a couple of barrels which I can only attribute to not getting all the copper out ahead of time.

I use the 45/45/10 now almost exclusively on all my bullets. I have shot mild 650fps loads up to some full bore magnums up into the 1700fps range through the Bull with no issues. I do FULLY admit the 1700fps load was simply to see how the lube would hold up, I wasn't overly impressed with shooting many of the 300gr bullets there.

The best things about the 45/45/10 IMO is the fact that it goes on very evenly, and dries in about 5 minutes to a non tacky finish. I tumble lube a bit different than most as I figure from reading. I use a vacuum seal bag, and I put in about a thumbnail sized glob of the lube, then add in a hundred or so bullets. THen I use a hair drier to warm it all up nicely then I gently roll them all around between my hands. Everything gets a nice coating before sizing and then after, I simply return them back to the bag and repeat the heating and rolling. There is usually plenty of lube left over to coat the sized portions of the bullets.

I have used LAR's lubes and you won't find any better much cheaper than what he produces. Not to mention some of the other products they sell. Great folks and products to boot. His Carnuba Red is very good as is the BAC as well. I have to use them in a pan lube since I don't have a lubrisizer. It is much slower than the TL and why I guess I stick with tumbling.

One other thing, I might use more than is necessary when I lube. Most say if you can see it on the bullets you used to much. I don't mind that fact, especially in the Bull, it might smoke a bit more with some powders, but I would rather it smoke than lead.
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