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I've certainly heard my fair share of bull come from LEO/military "experts". My favorite is that a Glock will blow up if you use copper jacketed ammo in it. I patiently tried to explain that non jacketed bullets are actually what can be dangerous, to no avail. He remains convinced. Whatever, I tried. Legal advice is another dandy. I've heard lots of idiotic stuff come out of a cops mouth in the legal arena. Once I was told by a LEO that if I shot someone on my front porch to drag them back in the house. You can see why I might be skeptical.

While I certainly cannot speak for every police department in the nation, I do know that the ones in this general vicinity receive very little real world training. I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find one in this county who knows how to properly clear a building. Their "training" consists of a yearly qualifications course of 100 rounds. I'd hardly consider that training since my average range session generally consists of two or three times that much shooting.
The Police absoloutly recieve more, and better training than the average shooter. First most shooters dont recieve any training other than perhaps an initial CCW class. Police departments require a minimum of yearly qualification. Much police training is done outside the range during in service training cycles. The police must meet minimum standards, civilians dont.
I might agree with that first sentence. But I wouldn't agree that the average trained shooter has had less. And I'm speaking about those that seek out training (not CCW training). Why? Because much of the training we take is more intently focused on using lethal force in a dynamic situation. We aren't training to respond to a call to an armed robbery or a shooting in progress, we're training that we're in the middle of the firefight. No backup, no radio, no body armor, no M4 carbines. It's far different than rolling up in the cruiser and proceeding from there. Soldiers are the same way. The guy who manned a mounted machine gun for an entire tour in the sandbox would be just the ticket if I had an M2 mounted to my pickup and insurgents in the hills, but his skills will be of little use if a firefight breaks out inside the Jr. Food downtown.

It's not that I'm belittling police officers or soldiers and what they do, I have a lot of friends and family who are or were both, and I thank them and all others for their service. That said, I can think of a lot of "civilians" who I would much prefer to be near me inside the kill box, as they say. Or whom I would seek my advise from. My $0.02.
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