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Thanks for all the replies I have been on shotgunworld and only two responses one of which was the sandusky OH phone number and adress I have already contacted them for the information. Basicaly they moved from New York to Ohio in 2005 and they could basicaly only tell me that 1947 was correct on the date that when they had moved in 05. The other response was to ask if the serial numbers matched.

So I am glad to find some answers that acctualy make since thanks for the ithaca owners site I will try it soon. This was gifted to me by a very special woman we plan on getting married in the fall. She knew she had found something realy good and wanted me to have it.

It shoots like a dream. My oppinion it shoots better then most of the moderen shot guns. My lil lady is the best she put alot of thought and time in finding this for me I had no idea until she pulled up in her truck and ask me to look in the back. There it layed in the gun sock.So thanks for all the great information
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