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One thing to note with rimfire revolvers is that they need stiffer springs than their centerfire counterparts. It makes the double action pull pretty stiff on any rimfire revolver.

Check out the Taurus Model 941. 8 shot .22 magnum with a 4" barrel. Available in black or stainless finish. Probably a little bit harder to find than a tracker but I don't think its anything that couldn't be found.

If you just want a 4" barreled tracker. they make one of those too. Its called the 991.

I have a Taurus Tracker in .17 HMR. I find the double action pull smooth but it takes more effort than I like, doable but I shoot much more accurately if I pull the hammer back before shooting it. I hated the grips that came on the tracker so I put Houge monogrips on mine and havent looked back.
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