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180 gr 40 s&w is what I load the most of and I have found it's not as finicky as some make it out to be. When I started out I bought a bag of "once fired" brass and have been cranking it out ever since on my Lee classic turret press.

I don't have a Glock, but my brother has not problems running my hand loads through his. I did some looking over on the glocktalk forum because of this issue, and most agree that even through Glock says not to, that running reloads through the pistol is not a problem. If you are worried about it, you can always order a drop in barrel that is fully supported.

When I went to resize the cases he fired out of his Glock, I didn't need a bulge buster, the regular carbide did just fine.

I also have never trimmed pistol brass. When I'm loading, I pull the barrel out the the gun and just drop a bullet in the barrel every 20 rounds or so, if it goes in and seats right and comes back out just by turning it upside down, I consider this good to go.
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